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Acquisition of LIP by ETERNITY SYSTEMS

This transaction allows Eternity Systems to pursue its growth strategy and to diversify into the market for industrial washing of reusable packaging for the food industry. 

Eternity Systems, a French expert in the industrial washing of reusable containers and packaging for 25 years and a leader in its sector, announces the acquisition of LIP, which specializes in the washing of plastic crates and pallets for the food industry. This operation allows Eternity Systems to respond to three strategic challenges:

  • Accelerate the company’s growth in the market for industrial washing of reusable packaging for the food industry
  • Develop synergies between the historical activities of the two specialists
  • Develop new markets where the know-how of the two companies could be increased tenfold

For Gildas Bouilly, CEO of Eternity Systems: « The industrial washing segment is a booming market, pulled upwards on one side by a society increasingly inclined to consume in a more sustainable way and another by economic actors who make serious commitments to meet their expectations. The agri-food industry sector is changing and is a real source of growth for us. It is logical that we surround ourselves with the most competent players in the field to support our customers and future customers in this sector who need a reliable, secure, state-of-the-art industrial solution that respects all the strictest health standards. The development of responsible consumption also involves a regional network of reuse activities, of which industrial washing is a key step. To do this, we are happy to be able to count on the involvement and know-how of all LIP employees. » 

« With this first acquisition, Eternity Systems consolidates its position as the world industrial leader in the washing of reusable crates and enables it to meet the growing demand for expertise asked by industrial players in the sector. »Benoit CHOPPIN, Managing Director of CAPZA. 

Located in Trémorel in the Côtes-d’Armor, LIP benefits from state-of-the-art washing lines with a capacity of 10M units/year and is recognized in its market as a leading player. The washing process complies with the latest environmental standards (ISO9001; ISO14001) and is carried out in compliance with the strictest health standards in force because the crates recovered, washed and then reshipped are intended to receive foodstuffs, mostly meat.


Loïc Levaux, CEO LIP : « I am very proud to pass the torch to Eternity Systems. The industrial washing specialist will enable LIP to consolidate its positions and participate in the diversification of Eternity Systems’ activities. »

Eternity Systems, whose head office is based in Perpignan, brings together more than 1,200 employees around the world with 75 washing lines in 6 countries spread over Europe and North America, for an annual turnover of more than 100M€. Eternity Systems is evolving in the reuse market that the World Economic Forum estimates could reach up to 70% of global consumption by 2030.

In each of these markets, the company, which operates through its 3 brands, offers a turnkey offer including: sorting, industrial washing, logistics, storage, traceability and repair.

MT SYSTEMS Industrial Solutions : washing of reusable crates for the food industry (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bakery, etc.)

IPS Industrial Packaging Service : washing of reusable secondary containers and tertiary packaging used in industrial supply chains such as pallets, dollies, hoppers, silos, bins, buckets, etc. across all sectors.

CPS Consumer Packaging Service : washing of primary containers such as bottles, tupperware, jars, cups or gastronomic containers, whether these packaging are in glass, plastic or stainless steel. With CPS, the Group plans to push innovation further by developing a network of regional micro-factories in order to limit the impact of transport in the LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) of container reuse.

Thus ETERNITY SYSTEMS now has 4 industrial washing sites in France (16 in the World) for a total capacity of 205M units/year (710M units/year globally):

  • Lisses – Ile-de-France Region
  • Cestas – Nouvelle Aquitaine Region
  • Cavaillon – Sud Region
  • Trémorel – Bretagne Region

And one own logistics site:

  • Bompas – Occitanie Region

The amount of the acquisition remains confidential 


ETERNITY SYSTEMS is the world leader in industrial washing of reusable packaging and containers. (Rigid and foldable crates, plastic pallets, boxes, dollies) allowing in particular the transportation of fruits and vegetables, meat, bakery products or even fish.

Established in Europe (France, Spain, Portugal and Germany) and in North America (United States and Canada), its logistics, traceability software, industrial process and high productivity washing services allow Eternity Systems to be very efficient in the compliance with food industry health and safety standards and environmental standards.

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About LIP

A major player in meat food washing in Brittany, LIP has developed leading industrial expertise since 2006, enabling it to meet the most stringent health requirements of its various customers.


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